Special Gatherings

Special Gatherings

The heart of our ministries is our chapel program. A chapel service is defined as a religious service which is subordinate to the local church. The Special Gathering Chapel Services are religious services for the mentally challenged community sponsored by local churches. For many of our members, this is in addition to their involvement in their own churches. For many of our members this becomes their church.

The Melbourne Gathering is a group within Special Gatherings. Bowe Gardens Baptist Church in Melbourne, FL hosts The Melbourne Gathering every Sunday in their fellowship hall.

The Melbourne Gathering / Schedule

Meets at Bowe Gardens Baptist Church

2700 Sarno Road • Melbourne, FL 32935

Sunday Service

9:30am - 11:00am
Fellowship Hall
Pastor Richard Stimson

Choir Practice

8:30am - 9:15am
Fellowship Hall

Events Calendar

The Melbourne Gathering is part of a bigger group known as The Special Gathering. They meet for parties, bible studies and events throughout the year. Click below to view the monthly events happening at The Special Gathering throughout Brevard County.

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The Melbourne Gathering

A ministry dedicated to sharing the good news within the mentally challenged community in South Brevard & Indian River Counties. Buses carrying people who are mentally challenged pull up to the church building. Other members are unloaded from cars and vans; then they head for the double doors that lead to the fellowship hall where Bible study classes will be held. Each Sunday morning Bowe Gardens Baptist Church of Melbourne, Florida, hosts a unique congregation of worshipers called The Special Gathering. Sponsored by more than 30 churches in South Brevard and Indian River Counties from various denominations, The Special Gathering has seen significant growth this past year. The size has increased but, more important, they have grown in spiritual maturity. The deacons, elected from the membership, pray for their peers. The choir helps to lead praise and worship. The ushers welcome visitors. They collect, count, and verify the offering. In addition, Richard maneuvers Chrissy’s wheel chair to the Fellowship Hall after their corporate worship is held. Jimmy helps position Beth’s walker and Margaret holds Ben’s chocolate cookie snack. They are the church serving and preferring each other.

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